The Bandits’ Path

The bandits’ path is located in the very heart of the village. You will enter into the land of forest robbers and you will learn not only about them, but also about the history and people living in the valley of the Lomná River. The kids will enjoy rope center, climbing wall, slides and games, all made of wood. You will also find wooden sculptures made by local artists.

Even if the most popular Beskydy mountains robber was a chap called Ondrášek, the Lomná valley has it its bandit, called Targolik. The story goes that this guy was very strong and he got his name from the fact that he tore everything into pieces in order to get what he wanted. On the path, you can read in the “book of Ondrášek”, where you can find a lot of interesting facts about the life of the ancestors, crafts, local dialects and clothing.